Haverton Hill: Port Clarence to Billingham

100 years ago was a momentous year for the north east. In January the London and North Eastern Railway came into being, then on April 1st Billingham Urban District Council was formed and on Christmas Eve, Ammonia was made at Billingham. This photograph showing our late Queen opening the Forum at Billingham on the 19 October 1967 is one of the photos commemorating these events in a nostalgic informative display, including cuttings from the much-loved Billingham Press, at Billingham library. Everything that today is Billingham, such as the Town Square, the magnificent Forum and Billingham Golf Club, was created during the jurisdiction of BUDC. Currently at the Dorman Museum, they are showing the story of the Titanic, sunk in 1912, but what part did its sister ship play in the development of Billingham. The answer is to be found at Billingham Library.

Photograph and details courtesy of Colin Hatton.

1 thought on “Haverton Hill: Port Clarence to Billingham

  1. I do hope you are able to visit this display at Billingham, I have had some very positive comments on my work and I am glad to say that another photo, of the structure of the Forum was well received by my neighbour who was responsible for the steelwork design. Sadly he has been in the critical care unit at James Cooke but hopefully will move onto a ward shortly. The photo, one of three, shown here was provided by the Gazette, (via Victoria at Middlesbrough) for which I am most grateful as I am to Sarah at Billingham library and Hannah and Laura at Stockton library.
    Colin Hatton


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