Coronation 1953, Porlock Road, Billingham

Sadly I can’t remember the day. My dad is the smart man standing to the left of the impromptu flag pole. I am the little girl at the very bottom of the photograph.

Photograph and details courtesy of Anon.

7 thoughts on “Coronation 1953, Porlock Road, Billingham

  1. I recall the Coronation, I was 5 years old, but born and lived in Thornaby-on-tees, I am now 75 still going strong, I remember the street party and races in the street.


  2. I loved at 1 Porlock Road from when I was about 5 till I was about 10. Many happy memories there. Is that photo taken from the other side of the road? If so that was our house in the background. Unfortunately I lived there later than 1953. I was born in 1957.


    • I lived next door at No 3. Was your maiden name Gill? The photo was taken on our side, my dad is to man stood on the wall. It was a great day, I remember it, even though I was only five. I can also name most of the people in the photograph.


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