5 thoughts on “Stained glass window, Stockton Parish Church

  1. Hi I am the daughter of June, Elsie’s my nanna. I would love to have more details why my great grandfather donated the window. Or anything regarding my family.
    Best regards Ruby Walker


  2. I was interested in reading the comments about Stillington by Sandra. My late mother had a friend who lived in Stillington during the 1950s. I wonder if Sandra is the same lady who put a comment to one of my comments early in February 2008? If so, perhaps she would contact the Stockton Team and ask them if they would be forward her details to me.


  3. Stillington was previously known as the village of Carlton Iron Works, Whitton. Stockton reference library has copies of two very interesting books about the village. “Stillington in the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees Industry, Church and School 1860 to 1991” was compiled by the Parish Council in 1990. “There was a Green Hill” the history of Stillington from its beginnings until 1950 was researched and compiled by JD Tuffs ISBN 0 9536655 0 X. Thomas Kirk was the man involved in developing the foundry and presumably Kirk Street was named after him. Henry Kirk and his wife Elsie had a daughter and six sons some of whom still live in Stillington.


  4. There is a Kirk street/road in Stillington which evidently was named after a man with this name who opened what I believe was a foundry of some sort in this village. I have a brother in law named Kirk who”s parents still live in Stillington, no relation to the foundry owner though.


  5. searching one of my family names this window popped up. My grandfather was Henry matthew kirk who lived in the village of stillington. Stockton on tees and I was wondering about the history and whether there is a link to my family name with this family??


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