11 thoughts on “Oldest shop on Stockton High Street

  1. In the 1921 trade directory described as James Wolsey and Son, fruiterers at 24 High Street and Thistle Green. A Mr and Ms Wolsey made an offer to buy land behind the above shop and buildings on 9 November 1928. This land was formerly the site of Constables Yard, which had been cleared under the Housewife Lane Improvement Scheme. After much negotiation the council finally sold part of land around September 1929, presumably to the Wolsey’s (a rare surname in pre-war Stockton). My grandmother was a regular user of the above shop for many years, probably because most of her family (named Groskop) were brought up close to the shop, and behind the shown buildings. William Johnson was another fruit merchant in adjacent Knowles Street by 1921. For an aerial view of the above shop and cleared Constables Yard, see the bottom right quadrant of s466.


  2. It was the Trustee Savings Bank (TSB) I remember the sign outside ” The Penny Savings Bank” and further to the right was Fyfees banana”s


  3. The Bank just to the left of the shop was originally the TSB Bank in my days in Stockton. Of course it could well have become the Lloyds TSB Bank after the merger of the two banks. I seem to remember there being another Bank further to the left towards the Royal Oak pub, which may have been the Westminster Bank.


  4. The white car in front of Wolsley and Son, look”s like an Austin 1100, does any body agree, I remember the shop up on the layby at the top of the High St by the church.


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