G. Neilson Wholesale Grocer & Confectioner

These two photographs were taken during WW2, hence the ‘address’ on the van. My mother, Betty Hill, standing next to the man in glasses worked for the firm as a secretary. I believe her boss is the man on the right on the same picture. Regretfully I don’t know any of the other staff, but would be delighted to hear any information about the staff and/or the firm.

Photographs and details courtesy of Maggie

Dovecot Street, Stockton

This picture shows Dovecot Street around the middle of the Victorian era. The building that was later to be called Lit & Phil is named Mechanics Institute, this was originally the Corporation Hall built around 1840, it was sold on around 1850 and became the Mechanics Institute, it had another change of name around about 1880, this points to a date of around 1860 for the picture.

The buildings are of a Georgian style possibly early Georgian, mid 1700s, The Alma Hotel may be named after the Crimean battle of the same name in 1854, of course it may have had its name changed at some time so it doesn’t date it accurately. The Telegraph Office points to there being no telephones at the time, they arrived in late Victorian times. An interesting view of a long lost street.

Image and details courtesy of Anon.

Sun Inn, Knowles Street

I believe this is the Sun Inn, in Knowles Street, Stockton. Some of the building features are clearly still on view today, but the archway and the sign along the roof line, advertising Dents (Dents what?), are no longer visible on today’s building. Possibly the Dents sign was a wooden board that could be easily removed. I have no idea who the two gents or the child are, and there is no date.

Image and details courtesy of Alex Moody and a family friend who lives in Canada.

Stockton High Street, mid 1980’s

The photograph shows the block of buildings to the left of Ramsgate (to the right in the image). The roof line on the right is Stewarts Clothing, Tees House, which is on the corner of Ramsgate. Manorgrove is now a Bet Fred bookies shop and the pub is now the George Pub and Grill. Of interest, the Manorgrove building was once two shop’s 104 & 105 High Street and if you look carefully at the building, just above the M on the sign is a round mark. It is a plaque that states, ‘John Walker’s Birthplace. 29th May 1781’. I think the photograph is mid to late 1980’s as Mr Trims occupied the upstairs shop from 1981, although the frontage looks a little worse for wear in this image. Also I believe on of the parked cars is a Mini Metro.

Photograph and details courtesy of Alec Moody.

Advert for Isaac Robson & Co Ltd on Bridge Road

A 1934 advertisement/postcard showing the smart premises of Isaac Robson & Co Ltd, 24 & 26 Bridge Road (corner of Villiers Street.), Stockton. With Holy Trinity Spire in the background. The same site can be seen on ‘Bridge Road, Stockton c1970s’ . I wonder if the the business was still in the family in the 1970’s, as it is then called “Sankey Robsons”?

Image courtesy of Jonathan May.

Royal Exchange Hotel

On 8th October 2021 Patricia Clarke asked if there were any photos of The Royal Exchange Hotel available, I knew I had one but it escaped my searches until now.

Patricia mentioned living there in the 1960s, this photo is a bit earlier than then, I have tried reading the wording on the canopy over the door to The Cinema as this often gives the earliest date if the name of the film can be read, I am not actually convinced that it a name of a film, I think the first three letters are “CON”, it is too early for a Confessions film so it probably reads something like “Continuous”, if anybody can make out the wording please send a comment.

I also noticed the Chain Library with a price of 2d over the window, I presume this is the cost of borrowing a book. I also remember the “Neville” shop mainly because of the Art Deco font used in the name.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.