John Nicholson, Norton Road, Stockton

I have just found this photo of my dad, Roy Miller with colleagues. He is on the bottom left. I’ve tried to find out when this grocery warehouse closed down. I was told he was transferred to Leeds when he moved there in 1965 from Norton, but I suspect it may have been a porkie!

My dad was a manager there – this photo is obviously a Tobler promotion – he used to get perks from reps like boxes of free wagon wheels! But the days of supermarkets were taking over so small grocery warehouses faded away.

Can anyone supply names of the others on the photo? The warehouse was next to Major St. The Edwardian terrace is still there. They used to have a separate ‘Sweet Warehouse’ near the Commercial Tavern, and staff sometimes had a ‘liquid lunch’ there!

I don’t know if any of the men on the photo was John Nicholson himself – I do remember one the men he worked with was Mr Blenkinsop – known as ‘Blenk’.

Photo and details courtesy of Mandy Wood

Maxwell’s Corner Old and New

The older photo shows what was later to be called Maxwell’s Corner, by just about everybody. It was taken in 1913.

The newer photo is a comparison from a much later date.

I consider Maxwell’s Corner to be a landmark building in Stockton, it is certainly a reference point, many of us will have said “It’s just past Maxwell’s Corner” or “It’s at the Maxwell’s Corner end of the High Street”.

The old Empire Theatre served the same purpose, in fact I still think of the area around the Swallow Hotel as the Empire End, things from your formative years tend to remain with you.

Does anybody know when the “Maxwell’s Corner” sign was first painted onto the building?

In the older photo there are two people in the window to the right, closer inspection of the newer photo shows that there are two people in the same window, excepting they are sitting down.

The building has barely changed over the years, the frontages have been brought up to date and different paint jobs have been done, but nothing of note has changed.

Photo and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Kettlewells Shop, Haverton Hill

This “Corner Shop” belonged to William Herbert Kettlewell and was at number 32 Cowpen Bewley Road in Haverton Hill, my thanks to Cliff Thornton for this information.

From Victorian times these types of general dealer shops were built on almost every housing development, they were usually known as corner shops even if they were in the middle of a terrace. I was brought up on the Junction Estate in Billingham and there was a parade of four shops on the estate and one of them was similar to this in what it sold, there was also a news agent and fish and chip shop, the fourth shop was at different times a greengrocer,  a butcher, a DIY shop , a motorcycle dealer and others I can’t remember. The shop in this photo was trading before the Furness Estate was built in Haverton Hill, I knew the area as Old Haverton.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Last Day at Debenhams, Stockton 2020

Photographs taken on the final day (Wednesday 15 January 2020) in the life of the store which has probably almost single-handedly kept Stockton High Street afloat over recent years and will be sorely missed by so many people and for so many reasons, including nostalgia by many Picture Stockton visitors.

The store was quite busy with people queuing at the tills waiting to pay for the bargains they had found. But as you can see from the photos the store was very empty and shelves were clear, ready and waiting to be dismantled with the cafe area long gone…

Photographs courtesy of David Thompson.

Edwardian Yarm and Yarm c2019

I date this picture to around about 1910, the lady with the pram is wearing a long skirt with a shirtwaist blouse that was very much in fashion around about that time.

Metcalfe’s newsagent and tobacconist has signs for The Yorkshire Post and The Yorkshire Herald, a bit of internet research revealed that the Yorkshire Post is still being published but the Yorkshire Herald ceased publication in 1956, between 1790 and 1890 the Yorkshire Herald was called The York Herald, it changed to The Yorkshire Herald in its centenary year.

I photographed the same scene in November 2019 from as near to the same spot as the original, but as you can see the motor car has taken over. Metcalfe’s has been replaced by Waterstones book shop and the double bay fronted town house next door is now the Cafe’ Uno otherwise the changes are not too obtrusive, I did notice that at the very end of the High Street on the corner of Bridge Street is a white cottage, this isn’t in the earlier photo.

Photographs and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.