5 thoughts on “Construction of the Spiral Ramp, Castlegate Centre

  1. What the hell are they doing to that town. A waste of money yet again. It didn’t need a new street of unused shops in the first place, it didn’t need the high street pedestrianised. Ruined a 900 year old market and a town in a couple of years.


  2. I always thought the Castlegate center was the most misplaced design ever place in any town center. It looked like a U boat pen dumped on a Victorian High street. Little did I realise it was just the first step in decades of civic vandalism.


  3. Amazing that in just over fifty years this will disappear. The original high street lasted many hundreds of years. Pretty sad that what some would call change for the better, I think of as lack of foresight by our amazing council. Stockton high street and surrounding area is a sad shadow of its former self.


    • AND no doubt whatever they replace it with will also be short lived as each duration of councils all want to make their own impact and folly.#


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