Thornaby Cricket Club c1940s

Neal Toulson: Thornaby Cricket Club 1940’s – Hi attached are two photographs of Thornaby Cricket Club in the 1940’s. The first photograph I believe was taken when they won the league, they won again in 1945, it had a player called Norman Nevison who was something of a legend, he took 100 league wickets in 1945, in one match he took all 10 wickets. I don’t know any of the other players.

The second photograph features Dougie Merryweather on the very back row left. Doug played for a lot of years and his sons and grandsons also played for Thornaby over the years.

Photograph and details courtesy of Neal Toulson.

7 thoughts on “Thornaby Cricket Club c1940s

  1. Having looked again at the second picture,I think that the man in the middle behind the seated people with an open necked shirt and swept back hair may be Lee Richmond who was a very good batsman.I also forgot to mention that my sister Eileen it be small girl on the right of the picture sitting next to another Aunt Ida Cumiskey who was married to Charlie.


  2. Dougie Merryweather worked in the Engineering Department Office, Head Wrightsons, Thornaby along with Jimmy (Sticker) Dickenson another well known sports personallity in Thornaby football circles.


    • Works Engineers Dept. Served my apprenticeship with both these guys as well as Terry McCabe.
      At the time I had a motor scooter and Jimmy had me delivering letters to referees on a Friday afternoon.


      • Yes Jimmy (Sticker) Dickenson run Head Wrightsons football to about 1960 when he brought others in to run the teams, he then took a back seat just doing the clerical side.


  3. Wow I am actually in the second picture standing behind the large cup on the left my Mum Alice Day is behind me and my aunt Ella Mallon is on her right. My uncle Charlie Cumiskey is kneeling far right and his daughter Doris is to the left of him. We spent many happy hours at the cricket field where my mum and Ella were involved in doing the teas between innings.


  4. Would be interested if the other
    team members could be identified also. I am trying to remember the name of regular leading batsmen just after the war. I used to watch them play when I was a kid.


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