3 thoughts on “Harry Meynell Ltd, Castlegate Centre

  1. From 1952 TO 1956, I worked part-time for Mr WM SHARP, fish eggs and poultry. who had a caravan stall in the High St, Stockton, placed near the Shambles, Harry Meynell was Mr Sharps main competitor and it was my job age 11-14 to spy on Mr Meynell to see what he had certain goods priced at especially eggs so we could undercut him by a penny or two, Over these years I grew to respect Mr Meynell himself, his obvious expertise and goods for sale presentation, without doubt, he was the number 1 eggs, poultry and meat dealer, and year on year he won Stockton Councils Best Xmas Stall Contest and the best stallholder awards. The most popular other stalls were of course the pet stall, the biscuit stall and the toy stall near the Market Cross, I never guessed that one day I would move to Leeds, and the toy stall owners 10 years later would become acquaintances. Leeds in those days had a large number of Leeds Jewish stallholders but I was not aware of this, it was only after moving to Leeds did I discover this, children do not care a jot about one’s religion or faith. These men and women drove 63 miles from Leeds to Stockton to stand the market and they left home at 6.00 am to do so.


  2. I used to buy meat from this stall regularly in the 80’s… done most of our shopping in the shops in the arcade… also bought my vegetable’s from a green grocer there who had a particularly fetching young woman behind the counter who always wore a quite attractive green smock… was my highlight of the week.


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