Sun Inn, Knowles Street

I believe this is the Sun Inn, in Knowles Street, Stockton. Some of the building features are clearly still on view today, but the archway and the sign along the roof line, advertising Dents (Dents what?), are no longer visible on today’s building. Possibly the Dents sign was a wooden board that could be easily removed. I have no idea who the two gents or the child are, and there is no date.

Image and details courtesy of Alex Moody and a family friend who lives in Canada.

4 thoughts on “Sun Inn, Knowles Street

  1. According to the Northern Daily Mail (West Hartlepool), 24 January 1939, workman excavating a passageway adjoining a smoke room at the Sun Inn, Stockton unearthed a Human Skeleton.
    At a depth of 2 feet they struck through the lid of an oak coffin containing the skeleton of an adult male. The body was believed to have been originally interred in the burial ground of the Parish church, on which the Sun Inn had subsequently been built. The skeleton was removed to the local mortuary.


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