Number 1 Hartburn Lane (The Laurels)

I remembered there were a few comments on Picture Stockton in the past regarding No. 1 Hartburn Lane (The Laurels) but there were no photographs of it.

Mystery House (possibly Judge Cohens) – this image was actually a property on Richmond Road

No. 1 Hartburn Lane has been mentioned as… a former home of Judge Cohen later to become a children’s home and possibly then flats in the 1980’s.
It was demolished in the 1990’s. The site was then redeveloped to be the site of St. Marks Care Home, which now stands unused.

I came across a photograph that includes No. 1 Hartburn Lane so thought people might like to see it posted here, even though it’s poor quality…

Image and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

5 thoughts on “Number 1 Hartburn Lane (The Laurels)

  1. I lived opposite 1, Hartburn Lane. No judges or lawyers lived there. Judge Cohen, who I knew, resided in Richmond Road. I cannot recall what employment the occupant of No. 1 had, although I do remember a very large Jewish wedding reception taking place there in late 1950’s.


  2. From the 1939 Register (census) of Stockton, there was a Reuben Cohen living at Lynwood, on Richmond Road. He was a County Court Registrar.


    • I always called Colonel Cohen, Sir. He was Chairman of Teesside magistrates. During the 2nd World War, he was a senior Judge, I think it was in Egypt, but it may have been Palestine. He believed in severe punishment. Defending Solicitors, at Teesside Courts, would attempt to get their client’s cases before another Bench, normally by asking for a delay to take further instructions from their client – Ha, Ha.


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