ICI Discoverers

Following on from the earlier contributions, my Dad – George Mills – was instrumental in getting the scheme going in 1961, 62(?). Al Hart and Ray Teigh, already mentioned are names I remember from then, and Keith Robertson was also involved. Early courses were run from Stubb House, Ireshopeburn, near Winston, and I came up a couple of times to visit. As a 12 year old speccy grammar school swot (Grangefield) I was very impressed by the tough lads on the courses, with their exotic (to me!) hair styles – quiffs and DA’s, and all the stuff they were doing which was very much based on Dad’s long connection with Synthonia Scouts. The photo is a presentation piece made by Apprentices, given to Dad when we moved away from Billingham, down to ICI Severnside, in 1965. Dad died at the end of last year,  would have been 100 next week!

Photograph and details courtesy of Rob Mills.

Museum Exhibition

Preston Park Museum has a Toy Stories exhibition coming soon!

Just to help bring to life the toys in the collection do you have memories of playing with the following toys; Meccano, Star Wars toys actions figures or games, Sindy, Scalextric, Gerry Anderson toys (thunder birds, Cap Scarlet and Stingray)?

If so please share a memory of playing with these and what they meant to you! Was it Scalextric that got you into cars? Did Meccano inspire you to become a DIY enthusiast? Or was it just a time when you happily played and enjoyed them? These memories could be seen in the interpretation of what is on display so please share if you would potentially be happy to see them.

We can’t guarantee everything will go in but we will do everything we can to share as many as possible!

The Eagle Boys Club

Two silver trophies awarded in the 1940s to boys attending and competing at The Eagle Boys Club in Stockton. This club met at Woodlands, a large house on Yarm Lane next to Leybourne Terrace. The club was run by Frank Showell, when he was not teaching at the nearby Oxbridge Lane School. Mr Showell is described elsewhere on Picture Stockton as being “a wonderful teacher and a great motivator”. The names of the club members are engraved on the plaques, they include – Dennis Noble, A. Todd, R. Wiley and W Palfreeman. Has anybody any memories about this club?

Photograph and details courtesy of Cliff Thornton.

Roseworth – A Winter Wonderland

Thanks to Richie Bateman for allowing use of this photo.

Richie is not sure about any of the people in this photo apart from himself, he is the leftmost of the children, between Richie and his sister they believe that the girl second from left is Mary Thompson and the fourth to be their brother John.

They think it would have been taken in the late 1950s but can’t imagine who by as they didn’t know of anybody who owned a camera.

Their only certainty is that it was taken in Ruislip Close in Roseworth.

This is how I remember my childhood, sometime in the late 1950s the kids in our close built what started out to be an Igloo and finished up looking like a Tepee, we rolled large snowballs into a circle and added more on top until we had an Igloo shape, we then threw piles of snow on top to give it height, two things I remember about that edifice were Herbie Ollett trying to run over the top and falling and breaking his leg, and the fact that the heap of snow was still evident long after the thaw.

If anybody recognises any of the people in the photo please let me know and I will sent the information to Richie.

Photo and details courtesy of Richie Bateman / Bruce Coleman

A Very Merry Christmas To All!

Well, what a strange and crazy year we’ve had… Picture Stockton is indebted to those who donate photographs, those who add their stories and comments and also the site visitors who just enjoy the site for what it is. This is what makes Picture Stockton a success. I hope that you have had as much pleasure from visiting the site as I have from running it. I’d like to sincerely thank you all for your kind words and good wishes and to wish all of our friends old and new a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. I will be taking a few days off now but please keep your comments and picture contributions coming (for picture contributions please email: pictures@stockton.gov.uk). Best Wishes, Laura. Picture Stockton will be back in 2021.

Newham Grange School Sports Badges

These are the School representative badges for the Newham Grange School won by Marie Brown (Kennedy) in 1949/50. Marie was also an accomplished Athlete representing Stockton Lady Harriers in the !00 yards and Relay races at the Local Athletic Meets such as The Richmond Meet Many. World class athletes competed at the Richmond meet, such as E McDonald Bailey, Fanny Blankers Kohen (5 Olympic Gold Medals), Bob Richards the American Olympic Pole Vaulter, Arthur Wint the World class Jamaican 400 yard runner and many others. These Athletics Meetings allowed the local athletes to compete against the Worlds Best, and gave local people in the North East a chance to see the Worlds best which was usually restricted to the London areas such as Wembley Stadium and the White City Stadium.The Meetings had wonderful atmospheres with Cycling also featured. I suppose that Gateshead is the only place North East people can now see these top athletes in action.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

Gold Badges to Local Blood Donors

Images of the order of proceedings for the presentation of gold badges to local blood donors. My late mum Doreen Birtle was one of 6 people from Billingham being honoured. For many years donors could only make two donations a year so reaching 50 was a real achievement. I think mum finished up in the top 60s before she was stood down.

Images and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

Amateur Radio QSL Card c1933

This is an amateur radio QSL card from 1933. It is the size of a postcard. It was sent by Richard J Bradley who was then living at 5 Roker Terrace, off Yard Road, Stockton. These QSL cards were exchanged by two amateurs when they wanted to confirm that they had been in radio contact. This particular card was sent to G2JY, the registration number of an amateur station operating in Sheffield. This card gives the details of the contact – 13 June 1933 at 22:30hrs, using Morse Code.
It provides the receiving station with a report on his radio signal, and states what receiving and transmitting equipment G2FO was using. The amateur even sends a short message to his contact which bears comparison with today’s text speak, it reads;
Mni tnx fr QSO OB Hpe cu agn sn, cheerio!” which can be read as “Many thanks for the radio contact old boy. Hope to see you again soon, cheerio!”

Image and details courtesy of Cliff Thornton.