8 thoughts on “Norton Green 2021

  1. Can anyone recall the graffiti on the churchyard wall as you left the Green towards Junction Road in the late sixties/early seventies – ‘US HANDS OFF VIETNAM’ in huge white letters? Seemed to stick around for years. Being young at the time it took me ages to work out what it meant especially as I interpreted US as ‘Us’ at first.


  2. Loads of pleasant memories of the Green and Duckpond back in the 60s when traffic was much less and it was more tranquil. I remember the huge tree with the circular bench surrounding it, and the shelter at the top near the entrance to St Mary’s. IIRC the tree had to be removed because it was diseased but the promised replacement never materialised. I think the section with the pond in it is now part of a huge one way traffic system. Its the same and different at the same time 🙂

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  3. I lived in Billingham from 1939 until 1954 when my family emigrated to Canada. My Grandad and Grandmother lived at 115 High Street in one of the Waterloo Cottages. I think the blacksmith was still working opposite the duck pond at that time. Norton green was a lovely place so nostalgic in my memory.

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  4. Lovely picture. I stayed with the Everett’s a couple of times. Mr Everett was a butcher. I went to school with Suzanne. Anybody know what happened to them?

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