G. Neilson Wholesale Grocer & Confectioner

These two photographs were taken during WW2, hence the ‘address’ on the van. My mother, Betty Hill, standing next to the man in glasses worked for the firm as a secretary. I believe her boss is the man on the right on the same picture. Regretfully I don’t know any of the other staff, but would be delighted to hear any information about the staff and/or the firm.

Photographs and details courtesy of Maggie

2 thoughts on “G. Neilson Wholesale Grocer & Confectioner

  1. Just before WW2, a nationwide survey of residents was undertaken. This 1939 survey shows that George Neilson, a 62 year old wholesale grocer, lived at 3 Blenheim Terrace, Redcar (near Coatham Parish Church). He was married to 60 year old Lucy Neilson. I do not know the location where the photograph was taken, but it certainly was not outside the Neilson’s home in Blenheim Terrace.


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