The Globe

I made my first post-restoration visit to The Globe this evening for “An Evening with photographer Ian Wright” the well known Northern Echo and Evening Dispatch photographer whose photos of up and coming popular beat combos in the early 1960’s put the then Globe Theatre on the musical map!
Hosted by, I think, Pam Royle and also featuring Ray Laidlaw the Lindisfarne drummer, and last group to play the Globe before it became a cinema and then bingo hall. The evening was an excellent trip back in time with of course some brilliant black and white photographs from the man himself .
Having been on several ‘hard hat tours’ of the Globe during its extended restoration, nearly typed expensive there, I was impressed by what I saw from the circle seats and the stunning art-deco paint schemes and attention to detail in the finish of the building and this evening was a free event too so too good to miss ! With thanks to Sophie Owens of SBC for details of the gig which did appear to be well supported especially by people who could say “I was there!”.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

7 thoughts on “The Globe

  1. Part of my youth was hanging around the stage door. sometimes they gave us tickets for the 6.30 show – Remember seeing Eddie Cochrane, Gene Vincent and others (still have the programe) sneaked into their dressing room for autographs – no hanky panky real gents. Have 3 books of autographs covering stars who were at the Globe from 1954 onwards. Cliff played Glasgow the other week, he was brill.


  2. Is the Globe open again?!! I remember seeing Cliff Richards and other popular singers when I lived in Stockton, before I moved to Spain in the 1970s, after Maggie won the elections.


  3. Is the Globe reopening as a concert theatre then after all these years? I remember seeing Cliff Richards and a few more there, when I lived in Stockton, before I moved to Spain in 1975…..


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