William IV, Stockton High Street

A recent comment by Roy Buchanan (posted in ‘The Old Order Changeth’) about the loss of the buildings in the High Street, prompted me to post this image. The William IV was one of my favourite buildings in that part of the High Street, it was built during the reign of William IV 1830-1837. William IV was the younger brother of George IV who died childless, William had many children but all illegitimate, he was succeeded by his niece Victoria. He was known as the “Sailor King”. The architecture is so very different from the Georgian style that came before this and the Victorian style that followed it. The arched window is the most prominent feature but the thing I remember most is the glass top panel in the entrance door, it had a beautiful engraved image that caught the light at certain times, unfortunately I can’t remember what the image portrayed, I am hoping that somebody will know what it was. The door was recessed and I think there were two steps up to it.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

4 thoughts on “William IV, Stockton High Street

  1. My stepfather Nick ran this pub in the early 60’s, does anyone have any pictures of The Royal Exchange pub that was over the road from here. I lived in there in the early 60’s with my family.


  2. Hello Bruce
    Thank you for the image of the William IV. Like you, it was one of my favourite buildings. My Dad, a Bass fan, occasionally drank here when he wasn’t in the Sun Inn or the Royal Oak. I loved that stretch of the High Street. It was nice to promenade from Clinkards to Rossi’s for a Saturday afternoon coffee.. My wife, a London girl, loves Stockton and is always keen to pay a visit. She even likes the personal guide tour she gets.
    Keep the photos coming please.
    Roy Buchanan


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