8 thoughts on “Yarm Station

  1. The pictured station at Yarm closed on 4th January 1960, having seen very few trains stopping there in the years leading up to closure. I recall getting one of those stopping trains middle day from Middlesbrough and then heading on a single-decker coach (with conductor) to Osmotherley for an afternoon in the village and on the moors. The current station was opened on 19th February 1996 and is served by the regular trains from Redcar and Middlesbrough to Manchester and Liverpool. My understanding is that this service is being extended next year to Saltburn which should be interesting, given the lack of platform space at Saltburn nowadays!


  2. Nice shots. Let us not forget, Yarm Station is in County Durham. Can’t remember the name, but a well known cricketer was born at the station and was going to play for Yorkshire until the realised Yarm station was not in Yorkshire


  3. What super pictures, I have often thought of Yarm as a suitable subject for a model. Seeing these shots makes me realise that it has everything; a secondary main line with scope for diverted traffic, all the facilities of a small station in a confined space and scenic breaks (the overbridge and the tunnel at the other end). The viaduct could be left to the imagination or when the builder won the lottery. I imagine they were taken in the early 1950s as the loco has ‘British Railways’ on the tender rather than the later ‘Lion and Wheel’ badge, and the coaches are Thompson-designed and look to be in the mock teak finish.


      • Howard, thank you for that information, it is another development that has slipped the notice of those of us living further afield. I have just looked up the location of the station using Google Earth, and was amazed to see how large Yarm has become!


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