The Parish Church, Stockton

Two different looking postcards of the Parish Church. The night shot looked as if it may be a drawing but could the original have been a photograph? There are some people to the right in front of the church wall, it must have been a long exposure because if you look carefully you can see one of the people have moved leaving a blurred image…

5 thoughts on “The Parish Church, Stockton

  1. When was the daylight photo taken as I remember it was not as shown in this photo. I did a lot of my courting in the area of the photo when they had seats in there. I used to wait for the last Bus to Stillington with my future wife Marie Kennedy, sitting on these seats and the Morgue was at the end of this area.


  2. The first picture shows the moon fairly high in the north-east – which I suspect is an artifact.

    There are many instances of these ‘night’ shots – each was created in the studio by adjustments of a daytime picture.


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