Hospital Cleaners Pay, c1974

This is mother’s payslip, from 1974, when she worked as a hospital cleaner in the old people’s home on Portrack Lane. Opposite the Anglican Church.

Her basic pay was £27.05 per week, or just over £1400 a year. Down in London, as a junior research scientist aged 32, I was on about £3500 a year, which wasn’t brilliant given the cost of London rents. What surprised me was the high level of income tax at £7.75, which was about 27.7% of her salary. In contrast, National Insurance, at 79 pence, and total pension contributions at £2.04 were piffling.

On the basis of a 42 hour week she was getting just over 65 pence an hour.  The minimum wage today is about £10.60 an hour. She was offered the job of a supervisor at a higher pay level, but decided to stay with her mates.

Images and details courtesy of Dr Fred Starr.

2 thoughts on “Hospital Cleaners Pay, c1974

  1. Fred, I am not surprised that your mother turned down the supervisor’s position, she had a very well paid job for what she was doing, considering the differential, between male and female workers in those days.


  2. That was interesting to see what other people earned at that time. I started my teaching career in September 1973 on a salary of £1384 per annum. Roughly about same as your mother was earning.


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