Pre War School Report, St. John’s School

I’ve recently been looking through some family papers and I’ve found a school report going back to the summer term of 1939. It’s from St John’s School, Billingham and concerns my late mum Doreen Birtle nee Wright. She was doing well as her class position of 3rd out of 43 indicates.

Strangely the only subject in which she topped the class was in Nature Studies. Well the years passed and in 2001 Doreen was very proud when her granddaughter was awarded a first class degree from Cambridge University. In Natural Sciences of course.

Photograph and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

Bailey Street School c1960

I am doing thing on behalf of my sister Lynn Luke (Cooke) some names may be wrong but here goes… Bottom row far right David Donaldson, second row from bottom – Lynn Cooke, 4th along – Christine Price, last on the right of same row – Susan Donaldson.
First girl on the third row – Carol Pearce, second to last on the same row – Pat Grange?

Photograph and details courtesy of Jeff Cooke.

St. Bede’s Secondary Modern School, 1959 – 1961

Frank Rochford aka Brother Francis taught at St. Bede’s School, Green Lane, Stockton in the 1950’s and 60’s. Brother Francis was held in high regard and ran both the football and cricket teams. When St. Bede’s merged with St. Mary’s Girls School in the late 60’s the De La Salle Brothers left Stockton.

Brother Francis at a later date left the order and got married and lived in Scotland on the outskirts of Edinburgh. He had two children Paul and Mikela. In 2012 Frank was awarded an M.B.E. in recognition of his voluntary work with CRUSE, a bereavement charity. Sadly, Frank passed away in February 2021, aged 88. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Intermediate football team 1959-60 season: Back (L to R): Jimmy Shepherd, Harry Pytelin, Kevin Mulgrew, Mick Cuerden, Pater Smyth, Tommy Murphy, Richard Hunter, David Hall.

Front (L to R): Tony Castle, Alan Brett, David Cook, Bobby Goldsmith (captain), Connie Walsh, Terry Mack.

Senior football team 1960-61 season: Back (L to R): Billy Taylor, John Turner, Alan Blakemore, Peer Smyth, Derek Brown, Tommy Murphy.

Front (L to R): Bobby Goldsmith, Jeff Nolan, Jonny Richardson, Tony Castle, Kevin Mulgrew.

Cricket Team 1960-61 season: Back (L to R): Turnbull, ??, Bernard Prior, Tony Castle, Colin Ledger, Kevin Mulgrew.

Front (L to R): Pete Smyth, Tony Maxwell, Mick Cooper, Jeff Nolan, Billy Taylor, Lol Hindmarsh.

Photographs and details courtesy of Mick Dea (great deal of help from Dave Whittaker for helping with the names).

Westerdale Hall Youth Hostel

Haverton Hill school trip to Westerdale Hall on the North Yorkshire moors. Date approx 1963/64

Unfortunately, the photo of popular teacher Mr Bob Chapman is cropped. The group of 9-year-olds consists of myself, Neil Cushin, David Whitehead, Willie Simpson. Remaining names sees me really struggling. Lynn Moon – Pat Boynton? I think the 3rd girl lived at Haverton Hills post office …Allerton perhaps? As I recall, the trip was a three-night stay and could not have been bettered. What a great teacher that guy was.

Photos and details courtesy of Neil Cushin

Furness Cup & Windsor Street School

Photo one is of a chap called Bill Bowker holding the Furness cup. I can find no other information other than his name on the back of the photo stating he is holding the Furness Cup.

Photo two simply states Windsor Street School football team. A school I know to be in Haverton Hill but no date, and also no names. Perhaps your wider, more knowledgeable audience may have some answers?

Photo and details courtesy of Neil Cushin.

Golden Jubilee of Richard Hind School

Some extracts from a booklet printed in 1963 celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Richard Hind Secondary Technical School for boys. This was my final year at the school. It includes a page showing the four headmasters and a page with a group photo of all the teachers in 1962. All their names are included so should bring back many memories.

Photos and information courtesy of Ian Pirie.

St Bedes school class of 68/69

Are you on this list?

1 David butler
2 Anthony Ridge
3 John Sawdon
4 Craig Palfreeman
5 Me
6 Michael Pearce
7 Terry Fahey
8 Kenny Etherington (deceased)
9 Mike Harrington(deceased)
10 Les Wilson
11 Mick Brewster
12 Paul Metcalfe
13 Phil Lipton
14 John Boyle
15 Ian Macintosh
16 Peter Burns
17 Terry O’Conner
18 Phil Davison
19 Mick Thompson
20 Ged Burns
21 Ken Williams
22 Mark Redhead
23 Stephen Woods
24 Stephen Connolley
25 Mick Twomey
26 Paul Cohen
27 Mrs. Short
28 Patrick Keane
29 Martin Smith (Smyth)
30 Joseph Gaffeney
31 Paul Saint

Photo and details courtesy of Dave Wiley.

Queen Victoria High School Assembly

Queen Victoria High School assembly taken in 1967 by Jack T Marriott who had a studio in Stockton.

I think this is the whole school, apart from the two Kindergarten years, probably singing the school hymn ‘Now thank we all our God’ since all the hymnbooks are closed. Form I are at the front through to UVI at the back. The Headmistress, Miss Gosling, is on stage at the extreme right of the photo. Other teachers are under the arches. In the right-most arch, the tall lady in a pale outfit is Mrs Payne (LIIIB) (or just possibly Mrs Heavisides (LIIIC)), and the shorter lady to her right is definitely Miss Langorne, terror of Form II. In the next arch are teachers from the senior school – I think I can see Miss Lavender (English) and Miss Jones (Music) and the first teacher in the third arch may be Mrs Squires (Art).

The hall was also used for indoor games – there are vertical bars along the back wall and two raised climbing ropes above the middle arch. I also remember an impressive contraption that came down from the roof with a parallel bar of adjustable height.

Photograph and details courtesy of Roz Sherris.