Hardwick Secondary Modern School c1960s

A view of Hardwick Secondary Modern School taken sometime in the mid 1960’s. The school opened in 1963 as a mixed school but later became the girls school in 1967 and then the lower school in September 1973 when the name changed to Sheraton Comprehensive. Saint James court now stands on the site.

I believe the children in the photograph are Ian Smith and Michael Overton who now of course will be in their 50’s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Jordison.

Billingham C of E School, 1952

This is one of a number of images loaned to me by Pamela Botcherby, her father was headmaster at the Church school on Billingham Green from 1947 until about 1960.

Back Row: Arthur McAleery, Peter Shiel, David Appleyard, Derick Coyle, Lorraine Angel, David Worrell.

Middle Row: John Gibbons, Donald Lee, Michael Garside, John Harrison, David Allison, Ian McLaine, Eric Langford, Roy Sigsworth, Michael Lampton.

Front Row: David Robinson, Olive Buckley, Wendy Oughton, -?- Craggs, Ann Fishburn, Hilary Fletcher, Betty Stafford, Pamela Botcherby, Pauline Ayles, Margery Wood, Peter Moon. The teacher is Miss Win Gibson.

As you can see there is only one name not known, it may be that somebody may know this young lady…

Courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Blyth Valley writer Barry Stone, Oxbridge Lane School c1995

For 2 weeks in February 1995, Blyth Valley writer Barry Stone was writer-in-residence at Oxbridge Lane Primary School, Stockton. During that time pupils, parents and teachers were encouraged to write poems on the them of ‘Children’s Games’. A poetry booklet titled ‘Dress Rehearsals’ was produced.

Photographs courtesy of Margaret Williams, teacher at Oxbridge Primary School from 1972 – 1998.

Grangefield Grammar School for Girls, Golden Jubilee 1965

Are you or anyone you know in this photograph?

A photograph of Grangefield Grammar School for Girls, Stockton in 1965. Teachers (l-r): Mr Ellis, 2 secretaries, Miss Stainsby, Miss Wheelwright, Miss Newman, Mrs Perry, Mr Atkinson, Mrs Atkinson, Mr Jeffreys, Mr Buckle, Mr Nutall, Mr Wood, Mrs Estruck, Miss Dubbin, Miss Stevens, Miss Coster, Miss Styan, Mr Hodgson, Mr Brady, Mr O’Brian, Mr Price, Mrs Oxley, Mrs Thersby, Miss French, Mrs Lucus, Mr ?, Mr Brooks, Mr Grace, Mr Everett, Mr O’Neill, Mrs Moss, Mademoiselle, Miss Fleck, Miss Thomas (Mrs O’Neill), Miss Leicester, Fraulein.

Photograph courtesy of Gillian Brookes.

Oxbridge Lane Juniors Football Team

My dad was born in 1925 so I believe this picture was taken c1936/37 when he was about 11 years old. Back Row (l-r): Joe Murphy and Harold Harison. 3rd row (l-r): Arthur Brookes, Wilf Chadfield, Billy Bradley, Les Fox, Les Gommersall. 2nd row (l-r): Dennis Noble, Bob Beaumont (captain), Kenny Harrison. Front row (l-r): Les Holborn and Dapper Hobday.

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Brookes.