Westerdale Hall Youth Hostel

Haverton Hill school trip to Westerdale Hall on the North Yorkshire moors. Date approx 1963/64

Unfortunately, the photo of popular teacher Mr Bob Chapman is cropped. The group of 9-year-olds consists of myself, Neil Cushin, David Whitehead, Willie Simpson. Remaining names sees me really struggling. Lynn Moon – Pat Boynton? I think the 3rd girl lived at Haverton Hills post office …Allerton perhaps? As I recall, the trip was a three-night stay and could not have been bettered. What a great teacher that guy was.

Photos and details courtesy of Neil Cushin

3 thoughts on “Westerdale Hall Youth Hostel

  1. Cycled there or should I say walked there in the early ‘50’s….walked because of the snow,…from Lockwood Beck.Very ghostly and cold inside…’dracula’ like.Quite frightening as a 14teen year old!


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