4 thoughts on “Holy Trinity Higher Grade School 1936

  1. Like Garth and Ian I was also at Holy Trinity in the late 1950’s. I recollect that Miss Allan travelled from Redcar every day by train, during one assembly when teachers stood at the side of the hall I saw a rat running over her feet!


  2. I was at Holy Trinity in the mid to late 1950’s and we had Miss Allan as our teacher, then ‘Ma Toto’, Mrs.Toulson in the third form, then we had Mr.Brown in the fourth form. I also remember we had the son of the headmaster, Thomas Nesbit, in our form as well as the son of the vicar, Francis Youngman. What memories.


  3. Wow! Fascinating to see a picture of Miss Allan in 1936. She taught me in 1954 when she was a tad older! I then progressed to Miss Watson in form 2, Miss Toulson in form 3 and Mr. Byrne in form 4 (first term – he then left to teach maths at Grangefield) followed by Mr. Sawyer.
    I was saddened to learn that the school had been demolished in the early seventies. It was an excellent school with an emphasis on good manners (touch your cap when you met a teacher on the street)!


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