16 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School for Girls

  1. Just found the photos of my classmates from the 60’s! Wow, so many names and faces that I remember so well. Thanks Sue, brought back so many memories from all those years ago.
    Janet Roberts


  2. This for Sue Smith (nee Maddison) – I was your exact contemporary in the Boys’ School – played hockey against you and your fellow warriors a few times in the “Annual Match” – indeed was it you who once stop me getting past you with a rather deft “hockey stick between the legs” ? Lots of girls in your pics that I remember well, and I even see my sister Margaret in one of your tennis pics. She married a rather famous rugby player from Leicester and now lives in Rutland. Lots of really nice girls in your pics – thx for posting them – proud to have known you and them – happy days – big hugs !


  3. I went to the same school (Egglescliffe C.E.) as Fiona Johnstone – looking very hard at the camera in one photograph. In I think 1960, I brought some perfume back from my first holiday in France and recall presenting this to Fiona and a Judith Wood, likely 1960.


  4. Lovely photos and memories.Thank you Susan. I was Pat Lyon and would have liked to be good at sport. Pat Armstrong was at Grangefield but the family went to Australia early on. I have my form photos and also one taken on an outing in the third year. We are all standing outside two very ancient looking coaches. It may have been us going to Seahouses and the Farne Islands.


    • Hi Girls, I am Pat Armstong’s brother John. I’m sure that some of you already know, but Pat died on 30th May 2018. Pat had many health problems, but she put those problems behind her, and always remembered and loved her school days and her friends. We initially made contact with many of you, through this site, and with the efforts of Cliff and Irene Thornton (Nee Watson), she was able to re-unite with many of you. For those of you who made the effort to re-unite with her, on her visits to England I thank you. If during the course of her last days, I failed to thank the people who helped her I apologize.

      John Armstrong (Perth Western Australia)


  5. I am on some of the photos but funnily enough none of the sporty ones. I liked netball and tennis.
    Couldn’t play hockey or lacrosse to save my life. Was once ordered off the field by Miss Milburn for lounging about on the field after being run out at Rounders!!!!


  6. A Pat Armstrong was in my class at Billingham North but the family moved to Eaglescliffe (to run the Parkmore Hotel) so she may well have gone to Grangefield but she doesn’t appear to have been the PA in these pics since she would have been in the first year in 1958/9.
    We went the other way, from Eaglescliffe to Billingham. Others whose names I remember from Preston-on-Tees infants, who may also have been in the same year, are Robert Butler, Philip Hill, Nigel Smiles, Joyce Liddle and Judith Wray. There were also twin sisters, Pat & Pam, but I can’t remember their surname. Penelope, Angela and Vicky (Victoria) Wray were younger. There was a fifth Wray sister but I can’t remember her name.


  7. I was at Grangefield Grammar school for girls 1972-1977, Miss French the sports mistress was at the school then. She was a great teacher, motivated everyone and we played a great variety of sports with her


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