Stockton Co-op – Thornaby Branch

These two images show the Thornaby branch of the Stockton Co-operative Society. I think the interior shot is earlier than the exterior. The information I received with the exterior image says it was taken before the War, second presumably and it was next to the Town Hall. Does anybody remember this shop?

Images and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

5 thoughts on “Stockton Co-op – Thornaby Branch

  1. Co-op Branch No.11, Mandale Road (next-door-but-one to Thornaby Town Hall).

    Looks like the right-hand side became a Post Office.

    The 1st floor bay window on the right survived until this terrace was redeveloped circa 2015. Some of the details of the upper part of the shop front are still there and were refurbished as part of the redevelopment.

    The left-hand side had definitely lost its shop front & bay window by 1966.


  2. I lived in Thornaby from about 1937 but cannot remember the Co-op by the Town Hall, The people in the photograph were dressed more like 1900/1920. However there was a Thornaby Co-op on the corner of Victoria Road and Havelock Street. Currently the shop is a Cost Cutter.
    It was there from at least 1937 until 1960ish. The manager around that time was Raymond Birtle whose parents lived at 20 Stranton Street.


  3. My mother worked there. She was among the first employees, so had a low dividend number (673). Most people I knew as a lad (I’m 81 now) had dividend numbers of 5 digits I think.


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