1st Norton Boys Brigade/Life Boys, c1950s

A photograph showing the 1st Norton-on-Tees Boys Brigade Life Boys section, early to mid 1950s outside Norton Methodist Church Hall. Anyone you recognise?

Photograph via late Robert Boardman, courtesy of Alan Boardman.

4 thoughts on “1st Norton Boys Brigade/Life Boys, c1950s

  1. Officers; back row left edge with glasses Bob Boardman and to his right in dark suit Dick Watchorn (company Captain). Officer back row right edge with glasses is Tom Parkin. Tom was a longtime Norton officer and regional BB organiser. Bob B and Tom P lived almost opposite each other in Benson St in the 1950s, while Dick W lived in Sutherland Grove. Dave McKenzie I think is back row, left of centre.


  2. My brother and I are both on the photo. Dick Watchorn was the skipper and Bob Boardman was his right hand man. Two men who gave excellent service to the Norton community. Bob was an exceptionally nice chap. Other people in the photo are Dave Mackenzie and Mick Mawson. When we matched down Norton High Street on a Sunday our band played and my brother Norman Venus played the big drum. What a blast from the past!


  3. I was in the Norton/Billingham boys brigade in the late 1940s early 1950s. I remember going to Sea Houses in Northumberland during this period. One other boy I remember well was Gerald Dunn.


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