9 thoughts on “Cattaneo Silversmith shop

  1. My Gx2 grandfather was Anthony Cattaneo who came to England from Cavallasca after Waterloo. I wonder if the V Cattaneo was his son, Vincent? I was saddened to hear of the family’s demise – I hadn’t come across it until now. I live in SA and have been trying to locate and buy a barometer, unsuccessfully, but would be thrilled to have anything from my family. If anybody hears of anything reasonably priced (the Rand is worthless!), please would you let me know.


  2. I have a Barometer with the name V. Cattaneo, Stockton etched on the face, as well as what looks like a farm house, farm out buildings, a church and on top of a hill a windmill. The barometer is still accurate despite it being very old.


    • John Kirk do you know if your Kirks were Yorkshire folks, done my fathers mothers ancestry (Kirk) earliest Kirks from Headingley, Yorkshire.


  3. I am thinking of giving this Lovely Silver Pocket Watch to Preston Park Museum, that’s if they have not got one. The CATTANEO family got wiped out with T/B, and his business failed that’s why he hung himself – the poor man had nothing to live for. My own Mother died of T/B. so my feelings are telling me, let it be where the marker made it and died, and not for getting its part on Stockton-on tees HISTORY, Mick John Jack Quin of Hardwick.


    • John, what a very kind gesture that would be. Another positive outcome for the people of Stockton from the Picture Stockton community.


  4. It seems that the Cattaneo ‘silversmith’ family had it’s origins in Valencia, Italy. In an 1847 trade-directory for Briggate, Leeds (the city’s original main shopping street) there’s a ‘D. Cattaneo-silversmith’ shown trading, with another family member trading as a ‘hardware dealer’ in the same street. Maybe the Stockton shop was owned by yet another family member?


  5. I worked in Stockton in the mid 1950s’ and have one of Cattaneo and Sons silver pocket watches that I purchased years ago from a Mr Thomas, a watch maker himself. He said at the time look after it as it could be worth a few bob in years to come, a nice piece as it is.


    • Hi, I am the John Quin from Ireland, and I still have the silver pocket watch by Cattaneo of Stockton-on-Tees in very good condition and still working, it was said to me that the whole family got struck down with T/B and this poor man hung himself from the gas lamp-post out side his shop. May he R.I.P.


  6. After Collingwood’s the shop was taken into the Ratner chain but ceased trading as a jewellers when the Ratner Group crashed. Another story concerning this shop when Mr. Cataneo owned it was that he committed suicide by hanging himself from the lamp post outside the shop!


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