2 thoughts on “Stockton High Street. c1960

  1. The Woodworkers supply was jointly owned by three brothers named Unwin, they were called Mr. Tom Mr. Arnold and Mr. Walter and they ran 5 shops Stockton High Street Newport Road near the old Gas showrooms, also Oxford Road opposite the Yorkshire Bank,Redcar High Street and also in Darlington. These shops could supply any item that you could think of. Some of the Stockton staff in the early sixties were Mr. Pugh manager Derick Kerwin in charge of timber Joan Gresham from Billingham in the tools department (also a singer) Peter in the stores upstairs to name but a few staff. In those days at the Stockton shop the general hardwares were sold in one part of the shop with the timbers sold at the back and the tools were al sold in the other half of the shop in its own department


  2. It was visits to the Woodworkers Supply Co, and woodwork classes at school that convinced me that a career in the trades related to wood was for me When I was almost fourteen my Dad took me to this shop to purchase my birthday present,a smoothing plane. That was fifty-four years ago and, apart from a few replacement parts such as new blades and cap irons, I still use the same tool today. Excellent service I”m sure.


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