14 thoughts on “Black Lion Yard

  1. Hi Clare. I have just read your message! I would love you to have my email so we can share information (email pictures@stockton.gov.uk and they will forward on my email address to you). Your late mum was my cousin. I have a lovely photo of your mum Barbara when she was about 19. She was at a 21st celebration to mark my late sister Margaret’s 21st.


  2. Would love to hear from Mark Savage re Heslop family. Fascinated with story about the book. Would be delighted to see photo of Thomas and his father Philip. Do you have photo of Jane Eleanor Whalley (second wife of Thomas) too?
    Mary Ruddock was born in Great Ayton I believe ?


  3. Henry Whalley Heslop was my grandfather Killed first world war.(2nd Middlesex regiment. (Football platoon ?) Visited his grave in 2001 at Bologne East cemetary France. This is a Civil cemetary in the grounds of an old hospital that took wounded men from the field hospitals for intended repatriation to England.


  4. Am I right in thinking that the Vane Arms annexe bar entrance was along this alley. As teenagers we would meet there and then get the bus to Billingham Green and go into the Smiths Arms before going to the KD Club (short for Kave Dwellers) It was at this club that I saw John Mayalls Bluesbreakers featuring a young guitarist called Eric Clapton.


  5. Thomas Heslop was my great grandfather, born Monkwearmouth 1840. Children from 1st marriage : Thomas Brooks and Mary A. born Sunderland. Those from 2nd marriage to Jane Ellen Whalley : Emily Jane, Charles William, Henry Whalley, Robert P. , Arthur and Nellie. Arthur was my grandfather. Any connection? I do family tree.


      • Just read Lee Derbyshires message. Like Janet I am working on family history. Michael Heslop is my late brother and Thomas was my great grandfather.


    • This is a surprise finding this info. Thomas Heslops Dad, Phillip, his second wife is my Great Great Grandmother (Mary Ruddock).

      Mary gave a Birthday Book to my Great Grandmother, Clarissa, which went to my Grandmother, and now my Mum has it. It is filled with Heslops. My Grandmother noted many of them saying “A relative of mine that I do not know”. LOL

      Doing the family tree, I’m now getting to know them… one way or another.


      • Filled with hope Mark as I have no pictures of Philip Heslop (my 2xgreat grandfather) and his son Thomas (my great grandfather). I would like to think you might be able to share some photos of my family. Hope you see this message!


          • Hi Claire. An enormous surprise to read your message. Leo was my uncle as he was my father’s brother Thomas who lived in Thornaby. Harry, Mary, Barbara and Kevin are your family? Very happy to share family history with you.


            • Sorry its taken so long for the reply Ann, yes I’m Barbara’s youngest daughter, I have managed to get back as far as 1772 where Philip married Ann Spensor, I hope you are all well, apparently they lived in a place called Monk Wearmouth, my mam thought the world of her dad Leo.


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