3 thoughts on “Maxwells Corner, High Street, Stockton

  1. I remember being shown a picture of this a few years ago, where can I get a copy please? My family used to manufacture candles and soap close by in Smith Street.


    • We would be happy to provide you with a copy of any image you request (assuming there are no copyright issues). The print itself is produced on quality photographic paper and are as close to A4 size as we can make them depending on the quality of the original image. We sell them for £5 each including postage. Please email us at pictures@stockton.gov.uk with the image title and your address and we will send the image out to you. We will need a cheque to the value of £5 per image, made payable to Stockton Borough Council and sent to…
      Picture Stockton Team
      Stockton Central Library
      Church Road
      Stockton. TS18 1TU


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