The Holy Trinity Church, Stockton. c1910

Holy Trinity Church seen from the graveyard looking SW before the extension of the chancel in 1906. The foundation stone was laid on 18th November, 1834 by Venerable Charles Thorpe D.D. Consecrated in December 1835 by the Bishop of St Davids. The church was not brought into use until 13th May 1838. The steeple was demolished in 1957. The parish amalgamated with Stockton Parish Church in 1972. Closed in September 1982, a new church was opened at Fairfield. The lease was given to the Greek Orthodox Church, the bulding was destroyed by fire 26th September, 1991. The building was designed by B & J Green of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

7 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity Church, Stockton. c1910

  1. My leaving card when I left Holy Trinity school in 1963 was signed by all the teachers (whose names I remember) and also by the then Vicar Rev J G Bates. I remember carol services in the church. Shame it was closed, but probably the resident population in the town centre, as well as that proportion who were regular worshippers, so it would make sense to base the church where more people live.


  2. Trinity Green will be at the heart of this year’s Stockton International Riverside Festival and one of the world’s leading theatre groups is looking for help from the public. The ‘World Famous’ will create an installation at Trinity Green using music, light, fire and fireworks to animate the building. As part of the installation the company is asking anyone who may have black and white photographs of weddings which took place at Trinity Church to forward them for use during the shows. The photographs, which will be returned, will be made into slides to project onto the walls of the structure. If you can help please contact


  3. I was married in Holy Trinity Church – my parents had a general dealers shop in Bowesfield lane – by Rev Bates and overnight was quite a heavy fall of snow – a true white wedding. How Mr Davies went back only to find an empty space, well he must have got the wrong site as the church is still standing, although a ruin.


  4. I was confirmed in Holy Trinity Church by Canon Salter. He often visited our house and teased me that my eyes would bring the ducks off a pond. I was too young to be flattered. After Canon Salter I believe Rev. Bates took over & who came from St Paul”s Church in Darlington. I believe that burned down also.


  5. Used your site for the first time today and quickly got excited by it. My link to this church is that I was Christened in it in 1947. I well remember the tall spire and how sad I was when it was demolished. The biggest shock of all came when I went along to the site some years after last seeing it and finding only a flat open space!


  6. Brought many happy memories of my school days at Holy Trinity.49-53 with Cannon SALTER as the resident vicar. Very disapointed there is no picture of St Peters in Yarm Lane where I was a member of the choir for some years Nick CARTER Western Australia


  7. The church and grounds were built on the site of two mass graves. One of these was for the victims of the 1640 plague, the other was dug during the cholera epidemic of 1831/2. This second pit is about fifty yards behind the church on a site once known as the Monument.


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