7 thoughts on “Norton Road Congregational Church c1910

  1. According to the 1861 Census one of my ancestors, Charles Beckitt, was a Congregational Chapel Keeper living at 5 Thomas Street. He may well of been connected with Norton Road Congregational Church.


    • He could of also been connected to the North Terrace Wesleyan Church on Norton Road on the corner of Hume Street, the caretaker of that church lived in Thomas Street.


  2. The street on the left of the Norton Road Congregational Church was called Laing Street, this was the first street on the left in Norton Road after passing Maxwells Corner.


  3. My Uncle, William Allen, (my father’s sister’s husband) was a Congregational Minister living at 1 Wensley Road, Stockton-on-Tees in December 1929. Could he, perhaps, have been the Minister of this church at that time? At some time in the future, he moved to London and opened a bookshop.


  4. The street on the left was the entrance to Marks slaughter house,it is now the road round to Farrer Street,where the Queen Park Medical Centre is.


  5. My grandfather Clifford Chadwick was adopted by Moses and Mary Ann Hughes. I think Moses was a choir master at this church. He also taught Sunday school. Can anyone confirm that for me?


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