4 thoughts on “The Belgulf Progress

  1. I assume this was a BP ship. Some years later I watched a sister ship being built, called “British Progress”, built in Amsterdam!


  2. There were also other occasions on which main line steam locomotives visited Haverton Hill. On May 30th 1961 A4 Pacific 60014 Silver Link, the doyen of the A4 class, headed a guest”s special from King”s Cross to Haverton Hill for the launch of the ship Gulf Dane.I remember the train passing the site of Norton station in absolutely immaculate external condition.


  3. The launch party of guests travelled by train, steam hauled by class A4 No.60025″Falcon”, from Kings Cross to Haverton Hill Station directly. This was the first and only occasion that a main line engine had been used for this type of work to Haverton Hill. The station was virtually derelict so what the guests thought about the place was probably too blue to print!


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