2 thoughts on “Billingham Scout camp c1930s

  1. Scouting – With the sight buzzing all of a sudden as the date gets nearer with the First Norton Scouts, dates and times being co-ordinated, a special shine on those shoes. With all this brings thoughts in to my head about my dad and his cub/scouting years, I know that besides scouting he had something to do with the Church Lads Brigade? Living in Hazel Road, Primrose Hill and going to Newham Grange School in the early 1930’s, can anybody point me in the right direction of what scouting pack/troop he would have been a member. Roy.


  2. My father was Ken Sheraton. Born 1929, he lived in Billingham before moving to Norton and I believe his elder brother Jos had strong connections with the local scouts. I think my uncle Jos could be in this photo (middle seated)but I can”t be sure. If anyone can provide information about the people in this photo, please contact me at sarahsheraton@ntlworld.com. I still live in Stockton and am delighted at this find! I wonder how a photo taken by my father ended up on this site. 🙂

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