5 thoughts on “Dutch motor-vessel Arneb, Stockton Corporation Quay

  1. If this ship was carrying gas pipes, why wasn’t it loaded at the quay at Malleable works? The trans-shipment to the docks at Stockton, by either road or rail, would have been messy


  2. Hi Denis. It appears that you were above what was known as Jack Skinners Shop. The R&D and Library were accessed up a circular stairs which was fully glazed from the outside. Across the yard was the R&D downstairs and the Davy Offices upstairs. Other than that I can only think that you were in the old Richardson Ducks Offices that were situated as the last buildings on the right at the bottom of Trafalgar Street. The upstairs of this building was the Template loft for R.Ducks. When Head Wrightsons took over these buildings I was there when a lot or all of the models for the ships R.Ducks made were kept. They were just thrown away and destroyed. I asked if I could keep one but was not allowed to take it away. I was a Maintenance Joiner at HW and it was my job reviting the buildings and later making office furniture. I was employed there from 1953 till 1962. I also worked for the Dock Gates Dept.


  3. Bob Head Wrightson Iron & Steelworks Engineering Limited occupied the top floor of the building referred to in my comments. My understanding was that originally the top floor was a template loft for the shipyard that at one time occupied the site. The end of this building which was where I worked was indeed very close to the river, probably no more than twenty feet from it. Beyond this building there was a small parking lot, and then another old building used by Head Wrightson Research and Development Division. They had a technical library which occupied at least part of the top floor. I used the library quite frequently.


  4. Denis. As far as I can make out because the picture is not that clear is you worked above the old Pattern Shop. If so I worked on the changeover in this shop in the late 1950″s I believe it was part of the R&D section and think it was a Lab. The thing that puts me off is that it appears to be very close to the River where the old Pattern Shop was approx 100 yards away.


  5. I worked for Head Wrightson Iron & Steelworks Engineering Limited between February 1965 and June 1967. They occupied the top floor of the building which is just to the right of the stern of the “Arneb” on the Thornaby side of the river. I remember the Arneb being loaded with pipes during during that period. I particularly remember looking up from my work just in time to see a gigantic splash as one of the last pipes to be loaded on the deck fell into the Tees. A couple of days later I noticed a very dirty looking pipe on a railway flat car. Also I seem to remember that the Arneb was too big to turn in the Tees at Stockton and had to be towed from Middlesbrough stern first to Stockton. Another frequent visitor to the Corporation Wharf was the Dutch coaster “Nelly” of Delfzigl in Holland. The Nelly seemed to come on a regular two week schedule. Denis Baldwin, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada


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