7 thoughts on “Brecky Neck Yard, Stockton. c1900

  1. I think Roy and I may be distantly related. Robert Mollard and Mason”s Court are all part of my family tree I began some years ago, I”ll try and dig it out as it may help you.


  2. One Armed Nana – It all started with a one armed Mum some twenty eight years ago, the gap between our three children was four years each, when the youngest was borne the eldest was eight. Not leaving your children alone had more than one meaning in our house as far as the wife (Jackie) was concerned. For nigh-on a 12 year period Jackie had a child attached to her hip, where Jackie went so did the baby, washing (twin tub), cooking, house work and shopping, if mum went so did the baby. But I do remember with my Nana and babies a lot of carrying around with a lot of snuggles and cuddles more contact than today or it seems that way to me. This as you do was in the past and forgotten about, but I did notice the other day that every where our new grandson went so did his Nana, because of his age a couple of weeks that last statement was vice versa because he cant walk yet. A permanent hip adornment is once again present. I can see trouble ahead between Mummy and Nana. Roy.


  3. Memory is a problem of mine (not losing it or anything like that, just remembering from way back) and Picture Stockton have and hopefully will continue to do so, be there for me and others, to allow the memories that come to mind be put down and be allowed to be read, contradicted and to be challenged by all who will cross that divide and join in. Getting the right pieces to fit the jigsaw, which is what it is all about after all in it? My favourite picture of all time on this sight has got to be; “Brecky Neck Yard” (picture reference S510) The picture shows the future in the making, that these are our ancestors, kin or what ever you want to call them, 108 years ago and were probably produced by picture reference t5490, a group of women in Housewife’s Row in Stockton. C1890. An exciting mini story on its own is in the description and exclamation of the title ‘Brecky Neck’ one thing for sure you would never find it on a map. If only there was a way of finding out whom they were, what they became or better still who they produced? Roy.


  4. My great uncle Robert Mollard lived at 11 Mason Court as I am tracing my family tree this is the first street I have come across I wonder if anyone else can help with any of the other street name like Pearson Street, Archibald Street, Salisbury Street.


  5. The real name of this area was Mason’s Court. It got the name ‘Brecky Neck Yard’ because of the steep steps at the bottom of the yard that led down to the quayside. Many of the buildings were boarding houses catering for seafarers and itinerant workers such as the Irish reapers, once a common sight in the area during harvest time.


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