2 thoughts on “Unknown

  1. This photograph appears to be one of two that hung on the wall in the community area of the high rise flats close to Stockton railway station, Nolan House. They were taken down some months ago during internal decoration of the building, the photographs were never put back up after completion of the work.


  2. This is Malakoff Street in Stockton, near the railway station. The photo does indeed show part of the local VE day celebrations. The original photo was loaned to me by a work colleague Mr John Hill of Stockton – who borrowed them from his mum!
    On a more macabre note, I seem to remember John telling me that the woman standing on the extreme right, holding the infant, was later murdered…
    I copied a series of 3 or 4 originals of the occasion that were loaned to me: these were later presented to an old lady who once lived in the area, but who had been rehoused in the high-rise blocks of flats nearby. I would be interested to know how this image has resurfaced.


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