8 thoughts on “Recollections of a River

  1. I am not sure Norman but I seem to remember this building on Bridge Road Portrack ?, opposite to where the new Municipal Offices are situated now. After being away from Teesside for forty years I may be wrong.


  2. Norman, The Seaman”s Mission was built on or near the land which now houses Stockton Police Station. The address was 25 The Square. The Mission closed in June 1973 and was demolished the following year.


  3. Norman If you type in Men”s Home into search data base you will see another view of this which tells you that it was in the Square.


  4. The Men”s Home along side the the Quayside Mission was situated at The Square. The building is roughly where the Stockton Police Station now stands. Them poor men in that home and people talk about the good old days. mmm I wonder.


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