9 thoughts on “Men of 3rd Battn. DLI – 1915

  1. I go to Beadnell Bay in Northumberland for my holiday and have been going for twenty years or more. A few years ago, whilst walking on the beach, I came across a large stone part of the rocky outcrop and on it was carved the name of a D.L.I soldier surname Easby. I cannot remember the initials, also the date referring to the second world war. I wish I had written the details down, how stupid of me not to. I often wonder how it got there – if he was deceased or just having a little walk along a lovely beach taking in the seaside freshair. Can anyone shed any light on this?


  2. My Grandfather William Moore was a member of the DLI during the first world war and was decorated with either the Military Medal or the Military Cross and other medals which when my Mother died I passed onto the DLI museam in Durham.


  3. Sorry to be picky Irene but Bungay is in Suffolk not Norfolk, we live in Lowestoft just a few miles away. Re the Co-op Youth Club, I was a member from about 1955 till 1958 so before your time!


  4. One of my Dad’s stepbrothers was in DLI and was killed in France, July 1915. Not sure whether it was 2nd or 3rd Battalion. Don’t have any pictures of him so wouldn’t know if he was on this photograph unless someone can tell me. I am working on the family tree and know there were two stepbrothers James William and Joseph William/William Joseph, one of which came to Stockton from Bungay in Norfolk with his stepsister, Rose Ellen and my Grandparents Joseph James and Emily Jane (nee Kett). The other stepbrother stayed in Bungay and joined the Northamptonshire Regiment and was killed in 1918.


  5. Can you please advise if there is a list of names for this photo please? Trying to trace my grandfather who was apparently in 3rd Batallion DLI.


  6. This photo appears in the 5th battalion history by Major Raimes. It was taken april 1915 before the 5th left for France. My grandfather RSM Thew is seated to the left of Lt Col Spence.


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