4 thoughts on “The old Yarm Goods Station

  1. For some reason my iPad is not allowing me to see the photo that goes with the caption, however I was fortunate to be in Stockton last weekend and visited the big marquee in which there was an exhibition about the up-coming 200 year celebration of the Stockton to Darlington railway. Within the exhibition there was an excellent model that had been built showing the Cleveland Bay and the area behind it, showing the arch’s which were filled from above with coal and lime and other associated buildings. I can remember the garage which was in this location prior to the apartments which are now there but had no idea about the arch’s and the Cleveland Bays and other public houses use as waiting areas.
    On a slightly different note, despite living in Stockton all my life I have only just realised that when travelling out of Yarm towards Tesco (Allen’s West direction) the railway runs under the road in a tunnel.


  2. Bruce Merrick – thanks for the info. I don’t get back to the North East very often but next time I do I shall visit Strickland and Holt to purchase a copy of the book. I hope there is a piece in it about Yarm castle.


  3. Next to the Cleveland Bay was a very eccentric antique shop with a verendah owned by a gentleman with the name of Bouch. I never, in all the years of visiting “The Bay”, saw anybody in there, but I guess he must have been fairly successful. With an unusual name like that I often wondered if he was of the family of Sir Thomas Bouch, designer of the Tay bridge.


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