Leyland Leopard – 376 HEF 376N – Clevald Coach Col

Leyland Leopard – 376 HEF 376N. Plaxton 51 seat body. This shows the coach as opposed to bus livery. These coaches were for private hire and it was common to make the bus and coach liveries very different, so as to make it clear which was which.

1 thought on “Leyland Leopard – 376 HEF 376N – Clevald Coach Col

  1. The Coaching operations of Teesside Municipal Transport, and later Cleveland Transit, were started in 1973, with three experimental vehicles, one which looked like this, and two others with different bodywork. This design won, because it was well liked by the public, and looked better than the other two types. The Bodywork is by a company called “Plaxtons”, who were based in Scarborough, and are still building Coaches. This design, with some slight modifications was used for most of Cleveland Transit”s single deckers throughout the 70s and 80s. The Orange and Jasmine livery, was actually a Dealer Stock colour, and this was developed into the private hire livery which you see here. This livery,lasted,right up until the Coaches were sold off in 1994. This particular vehicle was a member of a batch of eight Coaches numbered 373 to 380. Under Cleveland Transit, Coaches were kept that way for five years,during the winter months they would see service work to use up warrenty milage. After five years, they would then be downgraded to Buses. This involved changing the Coach Seats for Bus ones, and painting the vehicle in the Bus Green livery. This particular vehicle managed to get the modern De-regulation Green White, and Yellow Livery, introduced in December 1985, and was withdrawn in 1989, going to an operator in Scotland.


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