Photos from the Past

Crowds gathered for the proclamation of King George V at the Town House in Stockton. As King George started the annual Christmas Broadcast by the sovereign, the first being transmitted in 1932. George took over the throne in 1910 and reigned until his death in 1936 when his son Edward the VIII became King.

2 thoughts on “Photos from the Past

  1. Look at all the head apparel. Oh to be a milliner in Stockton ,wonder how many shops sold hats and how many people were employed in those days making men and women”s hats ?.


    • Take a look at a photograph on this site of the earliest ‘Wilsons’ outfitters shop (the frontage was altered in the 1930’s), that once stood on what is now the Castlegate Centre, about half way along the present facade to the High St. Their large windows are crammed full, of many and varied styles of ‘straw’ hats and boaters!


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