5 thoughts on “Was this your local Co-op?

  1. Yes, this was our local co-op. We lived in Tarring St. On the left of the Picture was the fruit and veg shop. The grocery was round the corner in Dixon St. My Dad always had his ‘short back and sides’ at this barber’s shop, as it was known by. Millfield House was the Tax Inpectors many years ago.I vaguely remember a mound in the front garden which I think had been an Air-raid shelter during the war. Can anyone remember this at all?


  2. This branch of the old Stockton Co-op is now, sadly, just a pile of rubble. Demolition of the building began some years ago and for some reason was never completely cleared. In the background of the photograph is Millfield House, once the office of the Co-op funeral services. It too is a sorry sight, now standing vandalised and derelict. The old Stockton Almshouses just along from these buildings was boarded up recently, perhaps a new development is planned for this part of Dovecote Street.


  3. Great photo. Anyone know what year this was taken? I remember going here many times as a boy but never liking the haircuts or getting the back of my neck nipped by the clippers they used. Still have the shocking school photo’s of some of my haircuts.


  4. What a brilliant photo, it brings back memories of being almost dragged kicking and screaming by my mother to get the obligatory short back and sides. It didn’t matter how much I protested or what I said to the barber about how much I wanted taking off, one nod from my mother and it was all over the floor, story ended. The result was my head looked like a freshly plucked chicken and would doubtless attract the slap from my friends at Mill Lane school the next day. Happy days.


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