The Grand Theatre.

A poster from the Grand Theatre and Opera House, Bishop Street, Stockton-on-Tees, Monday 13th November 1899. Some of the acts appearing were: Vandyke and Company of Pantomimists, Will Young (The Squires Son) Smart Comedian and Mimic, Two Sisters ROSAIRS the miniature Marvels, Owen and Williams two Welshmen, Rickaby, vocal eccentric comedian and many more. Poster courtesy of Brian Bennison.

3 thoughts on “The Grand Theatre.

  1. Charles Hill of the Vandyke Theatre Company is my great-great uncle. I am the great-great-granddaughter of Nellie Fuller, Florence”s sister. I know very little about Charles Hill, only that he was the son of piano making family. Their marital home was called “Vandyke” just outside Wolverhampton and my grandfather was able to remember visiting it.


  2. With regards to the request to clarify the words on the poster. The wording underneath “Company of Pantomimists” says – In their Screaming Absurdity “Nicodemus”.


  3. The Vandyke and Company at the top of the poster was my great-grandfather”s company. He was Charles Hill and he worked in the theatre from the late 1890s with his wife and then daughter for several years until retiring and taking up an interest in architecture. I am currently trying to research his life and I am having very little success in discovering anything much about his theatre work due to a conspiracy of silence among the older members of the family, now deceased. How could I find out more about his theatre days? I would be very grateful if someone could take the time to point me in the right direction. I also wondered if you could tell me what it says in small letters under the words “company of pantomimists” on the poster as I have blown it up but still can”t make out the small print. Thanking you in anticipation, best wishes Amanda Penfold


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