9 thoughts on “Station Road, Billingham

  1. What a great photo this is, I have this photo on the wall in our shop along with a few others and I have the original post card it was taken from, we are T. J. Sowerby Butchers, we have had a shop on station road since 1932 and are still here this present day, we are on the side of the road where the bike is laid against the curb, and we are still the same sowerby family that started the shop in 1932 but the next generations, still providing excellent customer service with traditional methods of butchery with modern day equipment, we have gone from one small shop to 2 next to each other knocked into one larger shop so we can offer a wider selection of produce, from raw and cooked meats to hot pies and sandwiches with a excellent display. Although the village shops have changed over the years there are still traditional shops like ourselves providing locally sourced produce from local suppliers, with the personal touch, there is also a selection of other shops that have been here many years like Masons Fruit and veg , a village bakers, a post office, the Barber shop , hair dressers, lock smith, dress shop, a fancy dress/dance shop, painting and decorating shop, insurance shop, Davidson chemist, funeral directors, mcColls newsagent and general store, the carpet, autoparts shop, the tackle box for all your fishing needs, the vets, the south Billingham church, idle hands for your crafts, and new shops like the nail bar , tattoo shop, the bookmakers and phone shop all providing excellent service in any way they can help..


  2. Uptons is now two flats and a chinese take away. Roys furniture shop that was on the green/chapel road is now Billingham business center..


  3. Nice photo. I did not know that there was an uptons in this part of town although I am a bit young, but I have always been interested in the history of billingham. A lot of the shops have changed but it is still a busy trading part of Billingham and spent most of my childhood as the newsagents and the foodstore (on the other side)as it was called in the late 1980″s. I can imagine it being the main shopping centre in the good old days. Still enjoy shopping there and can get everything I need when I can”t be bothered go into town.


  4. About half way along the row of shops on the left there is a plaque on the wall which says “Wilson Terrace”. It is now becoming difficult to read. My great grandfather owned the land on which these shops were built and when he died his wife sold the land to property developers and part of the deal was that the Terrace was to be named after her maiden name – Wilson. Originally, they were all houses which were later converted into shops.


  5. Station Road. Billingham.in the 30″s Station road was the main shopping centre, plus Mill Lane , but station road had the larger variety of shops.who can ever forget going into Moores Stores for your groceries,, the smell (missing nowadays)the smell bacon , bread,and the staff, nothing ever too much trouble, and times were hard, you would probably only buying 2/6d worth of goods,but my, you could feed a family with that amount, potato”s, corned beef suet, onions, bag of flour ,a dish of corned beef hash with dumplings ,you sat waiting for it to be cooked the dumplings in a big pie dish all golden brown , beautiful.two fish shops .Richardsons and Lowes, fish and a pennorth 3d ,as kids we used to stand in the door of Richardsons waiting for him to ask if we would like some scraps, god, like nectar. watching mr lowes in the other fish shop using the the old chip chopper, never saw him trap his fingers yet,Sowerbys the butcher and Mitchels up near the old post office, hard days indeed money was scarce , very scarce,to find your 2d to go to the twopenny rush at the picture house, you had to run messages for anyone just to get a halfpenny , or a penny,Mr Lewis the manager standing there warning us no fighting , who wanted to fight when you could sit and watch Buck Jones, Tom mix , Flash Gordon,nothing could beat the 2d rush on a saturday.I”ll never ever forget those days or friends sights and sounds of Station Rd , never. One last thing, Mr Lewis , he saw us through our young days , and he saw us through our courting days to the pictures, I believe he got to a good age , bet he could have told some stories


  6. Hi Deborah. I live at the other end, I can see the sorting office from my back garden looking thru the gap in the houses that are back to back with us. I”ve only lived there for 13 years though, just a newcomer!


  7. Hi Arthur Re your mention about Weardale Cresent me and Julie mentioned in my comment attached to this photo both lived in Weardale Crescent. I lived at 160 and Julie at 164 back in the 1970″s


  8. I live in Weardale Crescent which is just behind the left hand side (as you look) of Station Road. There is a barber”s along on the left just before the junction with Bedale Avenue and he has what I think is this photo in his shop.


  9. After moving to Billingham from Stockton with my Mam and Dad I did most of my local shopping and hanging about along Station Road. After a night out in the Smiths or the Sallie me and Julie Donnison (nee Savage) would get our supper from the chinese on Station Road. Julie still frequents Station Road as she has a shop called Gifted on it which I visit everytime I am down to visit. Station Road I like to think hasn”t changed that much and Billingham Green has changed even less.


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