7 thoughts on “Crowd cheering in Dovecot Street, High Street 1956

  1. Does anybody know who used to live at 32 Dovecot Street in Stockton?
    I have been trying to find information out and cannot find anything, any information will be helpful?


    • Sophie go upstairs in Stockton library [if you live local] and ask one of the ladies there to point you in the direction of the old electoral registers, they are extremely helpful and you may find the answer to your question


  2. I remember the Smiths at No.6 Railway Street (my grandparents lived at No.5) also remember the name Sudron – did they live at No.7? I did not live in Stockton at that time but visited occasionally, so the memory is a bit vague.


  3. The special constable in this photo is Sergeant Smith who lived in Railway Street & was the brother of the football referee Ernie (Send them off) Smith, he was Primrose Hill goalkeeper George Sudron’s uncle. He used to walk the beat round the Gashouse & he commanded the respect of the kids. The Army cadet on the left is Kenny Noble who lived in Tennant Street & is the brother of a former Mayor of Stockton, William Noble.


  4. I saw her too. My school waited for what seemed like hours on the Durham Rd. I was about 8. I expected to see a queen wearing a crown and was disappointed to see only a pretty lady in a blue dress!


  5. I remember the Queens visit very well.I saw her when she travelled down Norton Road past F.Hills the door company,and past the Tilery (North End) Recreation Ground.


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