4 thoughts on “The Queens Silver Jubilee Visit

  1. I am almost sure that the girl at the front with blonde hair is me. I remember being at the jubilee with my flag I’ve enhanced the picture although my face not clear but I do recall the sandals and white socks but what sticks out is my lifetime love of brown cord trousers which I have on in the picture. Such wonderful memories


  2. Remembering collecting from the front street after the horse had left. It was placed around the Roses in the front garden. Some time later the young girl (about 3 or 4) from next door ran into our house and said, “Mrs Irwin theres been a horse in your front garden.”


  3. I well recall being sent out to “collect” round the streets of Thornaby when I was a nipper, of course the streets were safer places in those days, in more ways than one, bucket and shovel strapped to the the back of my three wheeler following the “Ringtons” cart along with the coal and milk carts, and then bring my steaming booty back home to be spread on the roses,the things we did for a tanner, great days.


  4. They always say “After The Lords-Mayors Show” although this character, much to the amusement of by-standers appears to be collecting before, as the crowds, which includes Guides are still in place Any of the Guides out there ? How many recall dashing out with a bucket and shovel after the milk or coal cart horse had gone, it beat all your I C I Nitram and fertiliser especially for roses and the rhubarb patch


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