Newham Grange School Football Team 1949-1950.

Newham Grange School football team 1949-1950. Back row, left to right. Lol Cann, Frank Pearson, Alan Dalkin, Frank Fishburn, Derk Banks, John Campbell, Alan McInnes, Ray Irving sports master. Middle row, left to right. Trevor Briggs, Dennis Grubb, Benny Brown, Ray Frost, Mark Dolan. Front row, left to right. Keith Britton & Chris Dunning. Photgraph courtesy of Mark Dolan.

6 thoughts on “Newham Grange School Football Team 1949-1950.

  1. ‘Pansie’ Irvine taught me to keep wicket in a geography lesson. “Overton you stand wrong”, after watching me in my first game for the school cricket team, then proceeded to throw the blackboard rubber at me for ten minute’s, after which we continued the lesson covered in chalk.


  2. This team photo was taken on the school verandah, but later on they were taken either at the front of the school or the school hall. Two of this team Trevor Briggs & Benny Brown later played for the very good South Bank Juniors team along with Richard Hind’s Eddie (KITTY COYTE) Wilkinson.


  3. This Photo was originally in black and white and has been enhanced by Mark Dolan on his computer to produce this excellent coloured photograph of yesteryear.The colours are exactly as I remember them and bring back many happy memories of my schooldays. This team had an excellent Record but finished second to Richard Hind in the League, after losing many of its players at the Christmas break, Five of the team won Stockton Boys honours and I was lucky enough to be Captain of this and the Stockton Boys team, which was a great honour as they were both a fine group of boys, and I still keep in contact with some of them to this day. I also keep in contact with one of my opponents in Eddie Wilkinson (KITTY COYTE), who has been out to stay with me in Australia for a holiday. Sad to say when I look at this photograph I realise that of the fourteen Boy squad only eight are still with us, a sobering thought.


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