6 thoughts on “Haverton Hill Station Box

  1. This line was used to carry clay from Saltholme to ICI Casebourne works, one of the components in the manufacture of Pioneer Cement.


  2. Apologies if I”ve got my facts slightly wrong; I was relying on childhood memories and what my grandfather told me back in the 60s! My father was born down the road in Port but moved to a Cambridgeshire farm before we kids were born, and every summer from the early 60s to the early 70s we came to stay with our grandparents, spending our time between the seaside at Seaton and the industry at Haverton, as well as many trips on the tranny!


  3. As the saltmarshes line terminated there, I think you will find that the line went to the saltmarshes. Also, this line did not terminate at Furness shipyard but further round at the wharf – that”s if we are going to be precise of course.


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