8 thoughts on “Stockton Quayside.

  1. i remember walking along stockton quayside when i was very young.the warehouses with the crates of bananas outside,it was a busy place,and the cattle market in church road,it was where the library is now,i used to watch the auctions.my mother told me that a bull once got loose and caused havoc along the high street.


  2. Yes definitely a SIII Rapier, I would place the photo at mid 60″s. It”s exactly as it was when I was a kid before they ripped it down and built the new shopping centre on that side of the High St. Am I right in thinking that is the bottom of Finkle St which it leads to???


  3. OK lads, spot the car, what about the Ford van c1948, the Rover, sporting the boot wheel cover and the baby Austin A30 behind the Vauxhall FB, still got one of these a the back of my garage with only 16000 mile on the clock.


  4. Further to Julian”s comments, the Minor is actually a Minor 1000 with the larger rear window which was inroduced in 1956. The next car is a series 3 Sunbeam Rapier, introduced in 1959. Further along the row, there is a FB series Vauxhall Victor, introduced in 1961 so I would date the picture as early 1960″s.


  5. The photograph must be post September 1948 as the nearest of the parked cars, a Morris Minor,was not launched until the London Motor Show held then.


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